Routine Repairs vs. Capitalization. Capitalization: The "BRA" Test. What Is a Betterment? Costs That Are Restorations. "If you repair stuff, you can deduct it," according to Steve Nelson, a certified public accountant who has written extensively about deducting repairs on the Evergreen Small Business blog. Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Sections 162 and 263 dictate that costs incurred to acquire, produce or improve tangible property be capitalized, rather than expensed. (Tangible property includes buildings, machinery, equipment, vehicles and other real and personal property.) But the IRC sections allow expensing of costs incurred on incidental .... You can currently deduct in a single year up to $5,000 of your business start-up costs. However, the $5,000 limit is reduced by the amount your start-up expense exceed $50,000. For example, if you have $53,000 in start-up expenses, your first-year deduction is reduced to $2,000 instead of $5,000.. Instead, they are declared as startup costs. Startup costs - You can deduct a maximum of $5000 in startup cost the first year the business is open ***IF*** the business has $5000 of taxable profit to deduct it from. Any remaining startup cost in excess of the first year deduction are amortized (not capitalized) and deducted over the next 15 years.

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